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Union High School
Class of 1967
50th ReUnion

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who will be attending?
Murel Ball & Sandi Hughes Inta (Silins) & Derick Malis Bruce M Nichols (Chemistry Teacher)
Joseph & Janice Bork Steven & Diane (Jonusas) Mazurek Becky (English Teacher) & Wally Knack
Janice (Sweers) & Patrick Clancy Christiane (Ostler) Hacker Robert Kelley (Social Studies Teacher)
Linda (Fleeger) & David Borck Kathy (Scott) Thue Robert Azkoul (English Teacher)
Richard & Sally Herweyer Rob & Linda (Anderson) Vader Patricia (Thomasma) & Carl Shaver
Robert & Sophia (Botsis) Iteen Dave & Audrey (Snider) Maskill Gary & Reba (Baker) Peterson
Esther (Hardy) Hickerty Ray & Linda (VandenBrink) Potter Susanne (Schroeder) & Chuck Rapolevich
Pamela (Paton) VanOverloop Renelle (Winstedt) Nelson Gay (McAllister) Palmer
Tom Oumedian & Jason Villareal Jack & Patti Behrens Lance & Susie Bechtel
Linda (Dreyer) Strom Marsha (Olivier) & Rick Hoffman Cindy (Makarewicz) Covell
Dan & Lexie (Siratowiz) Botruff Randy & Carol (Veenstra) Vader Louis & Diane Cizauskas
Mike & Cherie (Steinbrecker) Murphy Linda (Logan) & LeRoy Troxel Mike & Linda Poll
Wayne & Michele Buttermore Stephen & Peggy Makowski Robert & Diane Beighley
Christy (DeGroot) Daly Jim & Mary Eastman Trish (Powell) Vander Molen
Diane (Licari) & Chuck Marker Tom & Ellen Caughey Dan Sherwood
Sandra (Thiebout) McCant Jeanne (Koster) & Neale Bauman John Groth
Jane (Wagner) & John Dean Hedy (Latham) & John Ballema Mike & Dawn Lasko
Alex & Georgia Rae Kanoza Linda (Lubenow) & Cliff Wiemer  
When can I register for the ReUnion?

Registration for Union High School Class of 1967's 50th ReUnion will occur between February 1 and August 1, 2017. For the latest information about the ReUnion, return to the UHS67 Website periodically.

How do I know if my PayPal payment worked?

If the transaction properly completes, PayPal will email you a transaction confirmation number! If you don't get one then the transaction did not properly complete.

Some PayPal users have said that they sent payment, but were not notified by PayPal. It seems that when one gets to the PayPal Transaction Confirmation Page, the confirm button is not clicked and the user closes the window believing that the transaction has completed. Please click the confirmation button.

Don't forget you need to mail or email the paper work, too. We will confirm proper registration.

I'm having problems viewing the ReUnion web pages.

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I cannot complete the registration form using my computer

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We have tested completing the PDF file with several PDF readers and have not found any issues. Having, said that, there are a lot of PDF readers available… You can always print the PDF and complete it by hand.

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How can I tell what's been updated on this website?

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You said there was an update, but I don't see one.

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It's been more than five business days. I haven't gotten a confirmation.

Our goal is to confirm, as quickly as possible, once we have received the registration form, payment, and payment clearing notice from our bank. This doesn't mean that there will not be an oops moment or two. Do not hesitate to contact us using the contact tab.