Grand Rapids, Michigan
Union High School
Class of 1967
50th ReUnion
Updated 2017/08/06 Updated Attendee list on FAQ Page. Formally closed registration.

This Website

This website will help you, and us, get the most from the UHS67 registration experience. All of the registration information is here: obtaining and completing the registration form, refund policy, attire, and things you can do before and after the event. We have also provided links to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the UHS67 Class Website.

There are limited funds (basically none), so we will be attempting to do as much as possible electronically. If you have any problems during the registration process, please feel free to contact us using the contact form. We will respond within a couple of business days.

Unfortunately, we cannot permit walk-ins to this event. You must register in advance to attend. If you try to attend without a prior registration, you will be turned away. We apologize, but it is the nature of the beast, considering the effort and expense.



The Union High School Class of 1967's 50th ReUnion will be held in Grand Rapids, MI, at the Knickerbocker Brewpub & Distillery at the New Holland Brewing Company. The Knickerbocker is located at 417 Bridge St. NW, Grand Rapids Michigan.

The ReUnion is
August 19, 2017
6PM to 10PM

The Knickerbocker is a brand new facility. Construction was completed in early 2016. It is located just four blocks from the old Union High School in an area on Bridge St. that is being revitalized and gentrified because of the new investment in medical research by Michigan State University and the large medical campus of Spectrum Hospital, just to the east.

As you can see, there is very little parking adjacent to the building. However, you can download this map for convenient nearby parking.

The meal will consist of wood roasted chicken and beef rouladen with mushroom gravy, green salad, boulangere potatoes, wood-roasted Brussels sprouts w/maple syrup and pork rillons and dessert. Beverages are not included. There will be a cash bar for beverages.


We would dearly love everyone to attend attired in tuxedos and gowns, but we know that's not likely to happen. If you are so moved, you will not be ejected. We do ask that you attend in "business" casual. For men: trousers/khakis and a shirt with a collar, dress shoes or loafers. For women: dress, trousers/ skirt and a top, dress shoes.

No jeans or athletic wear would be appreciated.


Sorry... Registration has closed.

ReUnion registrations must be postmarked by August 1, 2017.


We know that things happen and plans may need to change. But, we also have to pay in advance for the venue, food, decorations, postage, office supplies and the like. So there will be a graduated refund policy:

  • A refund, less $10.00, will be given for requests received on or before May 31st, 2017.
  • A refund, less $25.00, will be given for requests received between June 1 and July 31st, 2017.
  • No refunds will be granted after July 31st, 2017.
  • There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Event Regalia

Proposed Blanket Design

Since this is a significant life event, we are offering a regalia item to commemorate the occasion: an embroidered stadium blanket.

This fleece blanket is super soft and sturdily constructed with a blanket stitched hem to guard against fraying. The easy-to-carry strap makes it perfect for transporting to events. The embroidery is on the bottom corner of the blanket.

Product Details:

  • 13.5 ounce, 100% spun polyester fleece
  • Dyed to match blanket stitch hem
  • Measures 50 in x 60 in
  • Decoration type: Embroidery
  • Blanket Made by Port & Co.®

The blanket is ordered on the registration form as a separate item. There is no obligation to purchase. However, we will need a minimum order of twenty-five (25) blankets to take advantage of quantity pricing. The MSRP is $32.00, but, if we can get 25 orders, the price drops to $22.00. The catch is that you must be present at the reUnion to pick-up your blanket.

If you want a blanket, but will not be attending the ReUnion, then an additional $10.00 will be required to package and ship it via U.S. Priority Mail. To purchase a blanket separately, download the registration form and only complete the contact information and the area specific to the blanket.

To ensure we can get the blankets manufactured, shipped and ready for the ReUnion, we are setting a cut-off date of June 30, 2017, for ordering. If we do not get the required quantity, then your money will be completely refunded, within five business days after the ReUnion event.


If you haven't been in G.R. in a while, coming from out-of-town and in need of a hotel, then you may experience some sticker shock for downtown locales. However, they are near the G.R. "action" and most are within reasonable walking distance (under a mile) from the venue. There are several in the immediate area:

Other locations can be found on the north side at the shopping area at Alpine and I-96.

The hotels listed are those near the ReUnion venue. They are not endorsements for any specific hotel. As with any accommodations for a city this size, there are many locations and price ranges available.

Before and After

For UHS67 ReUnion attendees, a tour of Union Square, the old Union High School has been arranged. We wiil tour of the common areas of the building and perhaps viewing a few units. We need a head count. So if you are registered for the ReUnion and wish to take the tour, but have not yet contacted us, please do so ASAP.

Just send an email to or complete the form on the contact page. Specifically mention the Union Station tour. That's all!

The tour will take place on August 19th, the day of the ReUnion at 4PM. More specfic information will be provided to those you have RSVP'd by email once we get closer to the event.


Perhaps you are one of the many who will not be attending the 50th ReUnion and would like to do something for the class. Or, you'd like to kick-in a bit more than just the registration cost. Consider being a ReUnion 67 Sponsor. Since no monies were carried forward from previous reunions, there is always a need for funds for things like office supplies, decorations, gifts, equipment rentals, sponsoring teachers and the like.

What will your sponsorship buy you? Well, other than our undying gratitude, we will give you advertising space in the 50th ReUnion Program. Perhaps you have a business to advertise or just want your name to stand out. This is an ideal opportunity. We are offering three levels: $25, $50 and $100.

  •  $25 level: ¼ page — (w) 2.25 x (h) 3.65 inches;
  •  $50 level: ½ page — (w) 4.25 x (h) 3.65 inches;
  • $100 level: full page — (w) 4.25 x (h) 7.20 inches;

Margins are inclusive. Measurements are approximate. The program format will be booklet: (h) 8.5 x (w) 5.5 inches. In addition to text notices, we can accept camera ready art work, B&W or Color. We will work with you to create your desired space.

Please use the registration form to purchase your sponsorship.

Sponsorships must be received by August 1, 2017.

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